The Bail Bondsman 

Robert Gates is one of those rare breed, a bail bondsman who will deal with super-powered individuals despite the risks involved. Of course, making sure men and women of such power show up for court is no easy feat, but Gates has found an elegant solution. He hires ex-super criminals who have served their time, offering them legitimate jobs as bounty hunters now tracking down their former peers who jumped bail. Since former convicts rarely have an easy time of getting work once they go straight, more than a few have taken him up on it with mixed results.

A smart cookie, Gates has added another profit making element to the deal. He’s outfitted his employees with body cameras, and now you too can watch ‘Gates’ Keepers’ the Reality Show (Think “Dog the Bounty Hunter” but with powers sort of ). Bounty Hunters, and the immense powers they’re granted in some areas, are controversial enough, but some folks think that Robert has actually taken on flight risks in hope they jump bail just to keep the show going! He denies this, but ratings are definitely up.

Spoiler (Highlight to read)

Gates has an element of sleaze, but isn’t deliberately breaking any law. However, two of his employers are actually taking bribes to not just let bail jumpers go, but to arrange their meetings with villainous organizations like VIPER and the like. In short, they’ve become underground middle men for scum and villainy and are using Gates Keepers as a cover for it! If Robert Gates found out about this, he’d do everything in his power to keep it from going public while still trying to handle it ‘in house’ with his other contacts/employees

QUOTE: “Hey, Hero. If you’re really worried about him running, here’s my number. Why hunt him down for nothing when you could get a paycheck for it?”