The Bartender

Clark “Mac” McNamara is a drink slinger and mixologist at the inappropriately named bar Lucky Lou’s. The LL is almost a classic dive, though the glasses are, at least, clean, with more scum-balls than you can shake a stick at. Fortunately, Mac’s smart enough to know how to avoid fights, and if forced to, can hold his own surprisingly well. He’s just here to serve drinks, but that doesn’t stop two bit punk villains from occasionally coming in and blabbing about how their next job is going to put them on the map. Off duty VIPER agents, henchmen for hire, bikers who’ve watched way too much Sons of Anarchy; they can all be found here.


Mac serves them drinks, and waits for the next hero or vigilante to storm in, demand information, and beat the hell out of everyone in the room until he gets it. Mac himself tries to stay out of it, but some times it occurs to a hero to ask him what’s what, and yeah, he usually knows or at least could point out the right stoolie but he’s learned to be discrete, slipping a note on what’s going on on the hero’s bar tab (Which is a surprise to a hero who doesn’t remember drinking anything) etc. Still, Mac can’t afford to make enemies, and the hero will likely be gone for weeks until the next time, so he’s got to cover his own rear, right?


Fortunately, most heroes understand that so far.


It’s an elegant arrangement, and Mac seems amused by it all. If asked who Lou is, he simply says “The Owner, he’s shy” and leaves it at that.

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QUOTE: “Well, now that you’ve either driven out or laid out everyone in the place but me, I guess we can talk about where Lazer is hiding, but you didn’t hear it from me….”