Monster Tutorial – The Chimera

Alright, I’ve had this one in the works for the past 5 months. It’s time to write out the damned tutorial and post it. Especially since this is my Craft War entry for April.


My Chimeras are made from 2 Gazelles and 2 Lions from a $3 Jungle Animals pack I got from Walmart, and 2 Velociraptors from a Dinosaur bucket (also from Walmart).

I started by cutting the heads off of the Gazelles and the Raptors, and trimming down the horns of the gazelles. Continue reading


Arena of the Planeswalkers Miniature Paints – Red and Blue Complete.

Well, I finished my mini-paints for the Red and Blue summons for AotPW.

For Blue I White-Bombed, followed up with a wash of Too Blue for the Leyline Phantoms and True Blue for the Illusionary Projections. Over this I did a dry brush of dolphin gray followed by a light dryrbush of white, and then a final dry brush of Sky Blue. After this dried, I sealed it in Acrylic Gloss Finish.

Blue Painted (1)

Blue Painted (2)

Blue Painted (3)

Blue Painted (4)
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Paper City Buildings Complete!

Well after spending almost an entire day in playing around in Gimp, I digitally kit-bashed Microtactix free paper Model, Horseman’s Deli.

My Purpose in doing so? I wanted some variety in my Mini-mall. Now due to legal reasons I cannot share the files, but I can show you then end result. All it takes is a little time and know how.

I could have made my building signs modular (ie, magnetized them the way I did with my Big Red Buildings), but chose not to, as I already had a 2-storefront building and was making a 3-storefront building. Plus I wanted to speed up my Build Process. Shrug. I also made the second-store box for my Big Red Buildings, and chose not to kit-bash the model any more than putting some paper-clips in the Front and Back so I had the option of attaching signs to the upper two floors. Continue reading

Quick Update – New Page Added: Master list of Tutorials (of a sort)

So I’ve added a new page to my menu (that thing at the top). I call it “My Master List of Tutorials (Of a Sort).”

Why are they Tutorials (Of a Sort) and not just Tutorials? Because I don’t think I’m that great at writing tutorials, and really just trying to give a rough idea of the steps I took to create my pieces.

Why did I go through several hours of work just to recreate the Tutorials (of a Sort) Tag that can be found under the Categories table to the right? Because some times it helps to see the final result and Title in a more compact form. And I wanted to dust off my antiquated HTML skills (the only Java I make is the kind I can drink! Which is why I never entered the field of webpage design). I coded that page myself, though I wish WordPress wouldn’t screw with my code formatting… there is a method to my madness in how I organize my coding and WordPress screws with it. Luckily I have a master copy saved to my hard drive for when I want to update with new content.

So thbbbt :p to you, WordPress! Screw with my code will you! I’ll show you! I’ll do it my way and then copy and paste. So enjoy the raspberries! THBBBBBT! :p

Elemental Power – Water

Quick Note: This is my entry in the October 2015 Craftwar.

Craftwar is an event on the DM’s Craft Forums held every month. I’ll post pics of the competition as they show up.

And that’s why today features a Double-Post! Yay!

Step One: All about that base.

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Elemental Power – Earth

As you enter the clearing where the Goblin Shaman has retreated to, you see a small warband gathered around a large pile of rocks chanting “Gorginak! Gorginak! Gorginak! Gorginak!” As soon as they notice you, they flee down a nearby tunnel. The huge pile or rocks begins to shift and take the form of a rocky… thing. Roll for Initiative.

Or if Science Fiction is more your thing, there is always:

Either way, today’s tutorial is a Super-Sized Earth Elemental!

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Duneon Tiles WIP – Part Two!

Yesterday I posted the tiles I had Black-Bombed (spray-painted black). Today I want to talk about walls.

At first I was using measured and cut cardstock to cover my walls, but that was too time intensive.

Then came aluminum foil and hotglue. Again, too time intensive.

Finally there came junkmail cut into ribbons on my new paper trimmer, and elmer glue.

Anyway, here is a quick peak at how I’ve progressed!

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